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Beaver Canoe was born out of a love for Algonquin Park, the art of canoeing, and one very important man — Omer Stringer.

Canada’s premier solo paddler, Stringer was known for revolutionizing the skill of canoeing, inventing his own unique style that was just as incredible to attempt as it was to watch.

In 1936, alongside naturalist Lou Handler, he founded Camp Tamakwa, opening the next chapter in his love affair with the great outdoors. It was there that Roots co-founders and Tamakwa alums, Michael Budman and Don Green first met, leading to a lifelong friendship and a simple idea that saw the creation of Roots in 1973.

As one of their first great inspirations, Michael and Don offered Omer a hand in expanding his modest production of custom-made canoes, a growing passion characterized by beautiful craftsmanship and unparalleled skill. In 1982, he moved his operations to the Roots factory and from there, Beaver Canoe took off.